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OpenLIVES workshop 23 May 2012

This group consists of attendees to a workshop held to disseminate and discuss the work of the OpenLIVES project on 23 May 2012. The workshop forms part of the Higher Education Academy OER seminar series.



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  1. HEAopenlives-workshop-23May2012
  2. Collaborative working using open research data to create OERs for the humanities
  3. OpenLIVES Pedagogy
  4. OER Workshop and Seminar Series introduction (HEA)
  5. Evacuee children from the Spanish Civil War: student-produced OERs
  6. Student oral progress report: Project on evacuee children from the Spanish Civil War
  7. Original In-class interview with Benita Mendiola Part 1
  8. Preterito o Imperfecto
  9. Interview in Spanish with Benita Mendiola
  10. Corsino by Cole Kivlin By Luis Argeo

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