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Academic coordinator
LLAS Centre, University of Southampton

Open educational resources, EAP, Russian, creating online learning materials, languages

I work on elearning projects at the LLAS Centre for Languages, Linguistics and Area Studies, including delivering training and information on the LOC tool (Learning Object Creator) which is a simple tool for non-techie teachers who want to create pedagogically sound online learning material. I'm responsible for organising the annual LLAS e-learning symposium too - this is held in late January every year. I was manager of the HumBox and Community Cafe projects (JISC-funded ventures). I am managing our new JISC OER 3 project: the FAVOR project, and our new OpenLIVES project (JISC eContent Capital programme). I have a background in learning languages and spent many years as an EAP (English for Academic Purposes) teacher.

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