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Discussion Board: Socioeconomic and demographic reality of Contemporary Spain

This activity is currently being used in the module SPPO 2650/1 "The Spanish regional Melting Pot: the old same History?" at the University of Leeds. Students make their contributions via discussion boards in VLE Blackboard. The activity is aimed at facilitating students’ interaction and co-operation in the process of understanding the complex socio-economic and demographic reality of Spain and its Autonomous Communities as well as the country’s political-territorial structure. It also fosters transferable skills such as statistical literacy, the ability to work as part of a group, negotiating skills, communication skills, leadership and spirit of enquiry. The activity was first used in the module "Spain: Political Decentralisation and Integration into Europe" (SPPO 2370/1) in 2008 but has been updated since them. It can be downloaded either as a word document or as a pdf. Last update 29 September 2014.

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