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Exploring the lives of Hispanic migrants living in the UK: social, linguistic, and cultural integration

This documentary focuses on the topic of integration and intercultural relationships by exploring the life stories of adult migrants from Spain and Latin America who currently live in the UK. Their first-hand accounts deliver information on how they define and perceive their levels of integration and how language and cultural awareness has affected this process.

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Mass Observation Project Directive Spring 1984

Listed here are links to the directive questionnaire and to entries in the University of Sussex Special Collections catalogue where users can click on additional links to a PDF of the individual's response to the directive, and to more information about them. There are fifteen responses to the 1984 Spring directive covering Social Well-Being.

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Legal & Social Issues of Electronic Publishing

This is the header page for the collection: Legal and Social Issues of Electronic Publishing

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Horatio Alger and Theodore Dreiser

Material, including powerpoints and handouts, from an American Studies module on Horatio Alger and Theodore Dreiser.

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Performing Arts Theory

A series of papers which explore: the formation of alternative narratives beyond neoliberalism; the functions of carnival within theatre and suggests playful applications in contemporary politics; the possibilities for performance to intervene in culture to effect change.

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