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Contemporary Islamic Thinking, Political Islam, Secularization & Civil Society

Capita Selecta/Thema. Selected texts and suggestions for further reading on contemporary Islamic thought and politics, civil society, the question of democracy, secularization and plurality.

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Freemasonry Lecture: 'When Armenians built Auschwitz: notes on late Ottoman Freemasonry and genocide' by Ugur Ungor

The triumph of nationalism destroyed the multi-ethnic Ottoman political and social order and replaced it by nation-states. Many explanations attributed the mass violence to a devious conspiracy between (crypto-) Jews, Freemasons, and Turks against Greeks and Armenians. Ugur Ungor argues that these pseudo-explanations are a product of two processes: one of competition between victim groups, and another of intellectual secularization. Lecture given 13 November 2008 for the Centre for Research into Freemasonry and Fraternalism.

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