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Of guns, glory hunters and good intentions. How does France do everything it does in Africa and get away with it?

In this inaugural lecture, Professor Tony Chafer charts the evolution of French interest in, and relations with, Africa from the 19th century to today. The text, the video of the lecture and the corresponding PowerPoint presentation are included here with a separate bibliography.

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Maqam el-chahid (Algiers), War memorial

Dominating the Algiers skyline is Maqam el-chahid (monument to the martyr), inaugurated in 1982 (under Chadli Bendjedid's presidency) to commemorate the twentieth anniversary of independence. Three enormous palmettes stretch 97 metres high, at the foot of each, three statutes are said to symbolise the three pillars of the proclaimed revolution, cultural, industrial and agrarian - although they are all armed men.

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The Romantic Novel Lecture Series

Series of lectures from module on the Romantic novel: examines Castle Rackrent in the context of literary history; narrative voice in Castle Rackrent; Mansfield Park and Englishness; Mansfield Park, Marxism and post-colonialism; Walter Scott and the historical novel; gender and genre in Scott's Waverley; realism, the Gothic and Mary Shelley's Frankenstein; the politics of Gothic and the afterlives of Frankenstein; the critical reception of Hogg's Justified Sinner; the uncanny in the Justified Sinner; A powerpoint on the British novel in a state of transition during the Romantic period.

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