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OpenLIVES Autonomous Learning

This is an autonomous learning activity presented as part of the OpenLIVES JISC-funded project. It is being used in post-A Level Spanish Language at the University of Leeds from January 2013. The activity is in English, but student must answer in Spanish. It can be repurposed and modified according to your students' needs, level and language. It can work well for undergraduate students of History, Modern Languages and Cultures or Social Sciences. The link to the audio clip has not been included in the sheet, as it is up to the student or the tutor to decide which audio clip interview students will work on. This activity is meant to be used for audio clips of the OpenLIVES collection and interview transcripts, but can also be used with any other oral history podcasts/transcripts. One of the main features of the activity is that it introduces students to audience differentiation and student cultural production. The other key feature is that the activity introduces learning reflection, hence raising awareness on life skills. That way the activity can provide students with a research-based experience that connects them to the world of work and life in general. There is also a strong focus on team work. The activity contemplates the possibility of students publishing, in accordance with their own institution protocols, the work as a OER. Finally, this is a good way to introduce students to "interview coding".

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