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Autonomous Learning Portfolio in Spanish Language

Powerpoint presentation on Autonomous Learning. This presentation was shown on the 23rd of June 2011 at the University of Leeds in the course of the event "SMLC Language Teaching Conference".

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Verão em Portugal (Text)

This text and translation into English accompanies the illustrated podcast in European Portuguese created by Will Masters, a student of Applied Languages at the School of Languages and Area Studies, University of Portsmouth, as a part of a research project entitled ‘The Role of Student Audio Casting and Production in the Language Learning Curriculum’. The recording presents a refelction on the student's first experiences of Portugal, and of learning Portuguese. The podcast can be used as a learning resource in several different ways: as a focus for discussion or aural comprehension by students of the Portuguese language.

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Enhancing Modern Languages Teaching: Student Participation and Motivation

Powerpoint presentation and 3 video interviews on Language Learning Motivation in Higher Education. Enhancing Modern Foreign Languages Teaching for New Tutors. University of Leeds. Sponsored by the Subject Centre LLAS (2008 and 2009) and LHRI (2010).

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TESOL & Applied Linguistics research video webcasts

This website: provides free video webcasts from leaders in the field and other researchers who talk about their work its impact on language pedagogy. Keynote contributors include David Little, Amy Tsui, David Nunan and Keith Johnson.

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Learning and teaching languages resources

Aston University Learning and teaching languages resources

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Learning Languages

ESOL and learning languages materials

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Approaches to teaching and learning

Resources from Approaches to teaching and learning module

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