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Langsnap Guide 2: The Teaching Assistant

The key objective of the Langsnap Guides is to provide resources and materials for programme administrators and for study abroad participants. Guide 2 is focused on preparing students who will spend a period of residency abroad as teaching assistants. It covers the following aspects: a) Reflecting on the aims and objectives of choosing to spend the academic year as a teaching assistant. b) Myths and realities on the alleged impact of the English teaching assistant role on the students' development of the TL. c) Managing expectations for the role. d) Preparing for unexpected responsibilities such as dealing with discipline, teaching or leading full classes or teaching English through content. e) Dealing with emotions related to this aspect of their experience. A suggested lesson plan for this guide is provided in the "notes" section of the Power Point. Note: You are welcomed to download and edit the materials in any way you need. But we would be very grateful if you could please acknowledge the authorship of Langsnap team in the presentation, and in your modified version. If you time, we would love to hear your comments and feedback. Feel free to leave us a message or contact me (Patricia) at: Thank you.

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