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Virtual Reality and John Fowles' "The Magus"

Literature and the computer generated three–dimensional landscape are the possibilities in which all our wishes can be fulfilled:we can see ourselves from the outside, adopt a new identity, be able to modify the environment through either verbal commands or physical gestures, see creative thoughts instantly materialized without having them for real. While reading, one gets “immersed” and experiences a virtual reality effect. It is similar to using a head-mounted display or a data-glove.

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The concept of enkekalymenos in Fowles' "The Magus"

The Freudian idea that art bridges the gap between the pleasure principle and the reality principle also states that behind the “known”, behind that “veil” or that set of veils set by the writer, the analyst will find the “secret”, the drives that secretly urged the artist sublimate his driven-back feelings.

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