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La entonación en español para estudiantes de ELE (B2 CEFR)

This is a suite of resources that includes explanations, recordings, intonation graphs and exercises. It was produced by Mireia Bosch Font, during her Erasmus + placement at the University of Leeds, as part of her MA in Spanish and Catalan Teaching at the Universitat de Girona, in Spain, which is directed by Dr Beatriz Blecua Falgueras. Antonio Martínez-Arboleda supervised and edited this work, which is now being used with students of the University of Leeds (BAs in Spanish). The Powerpoint presentations can be set as autonomous work or serve as class presentations. Actividad 1 Powerpoint is more accessible than the Ejercicio de percepción, also in Powerpoint, which is an explanation of differences in intonations between two different versions of a conversation that, in writing, appears to be exactly the same. The Pdfs are more suitable for teachers, as they include recommendations on how to direct activities and background to the exercises. The recordings of the OpenLIVES interviews that can be found in HumBox as well as the programme PRAAT, that can be downloaded for free from a number of platforms, will be of use for teachers wanting to develop Activities 2 and 3 as well as any other new exercises.

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Huir de las cenizas para caer en las brasas: La inmigración española a Inglaterra

Utilizando las historias de Juan Luis Hernández (2015) y Javier Zaragoza (2013) e incorporando información desde recursos de periódicos también, el propósito de este documental es mostrar experiencias de primera mano sobre la emigración a Inglaterra e informar a una audiencia española. Este documental podría ser escuchado por una audiencia general de hispanohablantes, pero se dirige específicamente a los españoles con menos de 30 años que tienen titulaciones y que están considerando emigrar al Reino Unido. El documental fue producido como parte de la asignatura "Discovering Spanish Voices Abroad in a Digital World (OpenLIVES)", de la Universidad de Leeds. An open collection of research data and teaching materials relating to Spanish migrant stories. JISC. University of Leeds England-Duce, L., Jessup, C., and Hernandez, J. Entrevista OpenLIVES with Juan Luis. OpenLIVES project (2015). Attributions: Abreu, J., Greenway J., Lillywhite, K., Morgan, L., Richardson, J., Steel, A., Wilson, J., Wright, D. and Zaragoza, J. 2013. Entrevista OpenLIVES with Javier Zaragoza. OpenLIVES project (2013). An open collection of research data and teaching materials relating to Spanish migrant stories. JISC.

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Interview to Spanish Poets Inma Pelegrín and Katy Parra

Interview in Spanish: Award-winning Spanish Poets Inma Pelegrín and Katy Parra are interviewed at the University of Leeds by Dr Diana Cullell, Lecturer at the University of Liverpool (Iberian and Latin American Studies). During the interview Inma Pelegrín and Katy talk about the current state of poetic production in Spain, the connections with political changes in Spain, socially committed poetry, cultural policy, accessibility of poetry, meaning in poetry and language learning and poetry. They also talk about their own poetry and their influences. The interview took place on the 3 February 2015. Inma Pelegrín is the winner of the prestigious literary awards “Premio Hispanoamericano de Poesía Juan Ramón Jiménez 2012” and “Premio Internacional de Poesía Gerardo Diego 2007”. Inma's poetry is fresh and direct yet distinctively sublime. She is a poet of immense emotional intelligence and linguistic talent, as she can arouse the most nuanced feelings in the reader by using familiar and colloquial language, which she seamlessly transforms into poetic gold. Her latest work includes Universo improbable (2009) Trapos sucios (2008), Óxido (2008) and Cuestión de horas (2012) Katy Parra is a literary activist and poet who has published extensively since 1997. In 2008 she won the International Poetry Award dedicated to Miguel Hernández. Her poetry sits comfortably along those unique voices in Spanish poetry who have managed to put the most exquisite formal poetic demands at the service of clarity, subtle irony and unexpected eroticism. Katy is the author of Coma Idílico (2008), Por si los pájaros (2008) and La manzana o la vida (2013). Inma Pelegrín and Katy Parra visited the University of Leeds to participate in the International Writers at Leeds event held on the 3rd February 2015 at Leeds Central Library. The event "Exploring the Feminine and the Divine" also featured poets Siobhan Mac Mahon and Hannah Stone, guitarist Sabrina Piggot and Antonio Martínez-Arboleda (University of Leeds- Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies) as literary editor and translator.

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Discussion Board: TV documentary on national identity in contemporary Spain

This activity is currently being used in the module SPPO 2650 "The Spanish regional Melting Pot: the same old History?" at the University of Leeds. This module is a Level 2 very popular option for all our BAs in Spanish. Students make their contributions via discussion boards in VLE Blackboard. The activity was first used in the module "Spain: Political Decentralisation and Integration into Europe" (SPPO 2370/1) in 2009 but has been updated since them. It is aimed at facilitating students’ interaction and co-operation in the process of understanding national and regional identities in contemporary Spain. It fosters transferable skills such as intercultural communication, analytical skills, critical skills, the ability to work as part of a group, commercial awareness, negotiating skills, online communication skills, leadership and spirit of enquiry. The activity also offers students the possibility to reflect upon ethics and responsibility in a research and communication professional role. It contains a word document with the activitiy in Spanish for 2012-2013, a word document with a learning reflection sheet to do in the classroom after the activity (this was incorporated in response to feedback received from employer) plus previous versions of the activity in Spanish and English.

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