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The Stories of Chilean Political Refugees

The documentary ‘The Stories of Chilean Political Refugees’ explores different themes relating to the effects of political oppression. This was accomplished by using interview extracts from Chilean political refugees living in England, who were exiled from Chile during the military dictatorship that began in 1973. This documentary was produced as part of the module ‘Final Year Project: Digitising Life and Research’, of the University of Leeds. Acknowledgements: S. De Witt, B. Vergara-Carvallo, and P. Fuentes, S. Requena Rueda and A. Santana from We touched the sky ( Special thanks to course coordinator A. Martínez-Arboleda. University of Leeds ©. Licence: CC-BY-NC-SA.

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OpenLIVES: Interviews and documentaries produced by University of Leeds students

These are the interviews and documentaries published by students at the University of Leeds as part of their work in the module SPPO3640 Discovering Spanish Voices Abroad in a Digital World (OpenLIVES). You can find other resources, such as class materials, presentations or academic references in other folders and resources in HumBox. There is another collection of interviews of emigres who left Spain between the 1930's to the 1960's published by the HumBox team:

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