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Digital Humanities, Humanities, Classics, Digital Classics

I am Principal Teaching Fellow in Digital Humanities at the Department of Information Studies, University College London (UCL). I currently teach the modules Electronic Publishing, Legal and Social Aspects of Electronic Publishing, and XML. I am Director of the UCL Centre for Digital Humanities. My research interests are in the application of new technologies to the study of the ancient world, using new web based mechanisms and digital resources to build and sustain learning communities, collaborative an innovative working. I am also active in the field of distance learning and am a member of the University of London's Centre for Distance Education. I am one of the founding editors of the Digital Classicist, organising our summer seminar series and various conference panels, an Associate Fellow at the Institute of Classical Studies (School of Advance Study, University of London) and editor at the Stoa Consortium. Trans-Atlantic yachtsman

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  10. Introduction to XSLT

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