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Assistant Director (HE programmes)
Subject Centre LLAS, University of Southampton

languages, e-learning, independent language learning, international/intercultural communication,

I am a modern linguist (French and Spanish) who has been working at the Subject Centre for Languages, Linguistics and Area Studies since its creation in 2000. In my current role I look after our higher education activities which includes our programme of staff development seminars, workshops and conferences, projects (research, teaching and resource development) and networking activities in UK HE. I have directed a number of projects in the area of languages and/or e-learning including the HumBox Project which created this community repository. Other projects include The Language Café Project which was funded by the European Commission and set up informal language learning groups in social spaces in 8 countries; The Language Network for Quality Assurance (LanQua) which has developed a Quality Toolkit for languages; The Learning Object Creator (LOC) Project which has developed an easy to use authoring tool for teachers . I am currently directing the Community Café Project which is drawing on the ideas and tools from the projects listed above to support teachers of community languages working outside mainstream education in using e-tools to create and share their teaching resources.

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