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Senior Lecturer, Centre for Learning, Innovation & Professional Practice
Aston University

Corpus-based Critical Discourse Analysis, Materiality, Critical Pedagogy and Popular Culture, Sharing Open Educational Resources (OER) Use of film and creative visual methods in learning, teaching and research Sarah is interested in ways that the role of humans and their academic labour is frequently diminished within educational policy language. Through her teaching and research, Sarah is exploring forms of resistance, via creative approaches towards restoring the presence of human bodies and emotion.

Dr Sarah Hayes is a Senior Lecturer and Programme Director for the PG Diploma and M.Ed in the Centre for Learning Innovation and Professional Practice, Aston University, Birmingham, UK. Sarah previously taught Sociology, is a Principal Fellow of the HEA and recently co-edited a Special Issue for Knowledge Cultures. Sarah was commissioned by the UK Quality Assurance Agency to write a literature review on MOOCs and Quality, achieved a SEDA/Jisc Institutional Change Leader Award for student partnership and has published articles through European Political Science, Open Review of Educational Research, Libri and Springer. Personal website:

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