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Logic Lecturer in gown, Piano Player in town
Chicago194317 the sign the Swedish call "Cinnamon Bun" gmaildotcom. WE VERY MUCH WELCOME COMMENTS AND SUGGESTIONS.

Rationalism, History of Ideas, the Great War, early 20th century American popular culture, pizza & kosher hot dogs........ NOVELS: Country of the Pointed Firs, The Story of San Michele, Dodsworth, The Magic Mountain, Winesberg Ohio, Grand Hotel...... MUSIC: Palestrina, Bach, Mozart, Vivaldi, Chopin, Gershwin............ PHILOSOPHY: Plato, Kant, Peirce, Royce, Cassirer, Popper ........... CINEMA: Rope, M, Strangers on a Train, Modern Times, The Maltese Falcon, 12 Angry Men, Radio Days, The Producers, Adam's Rib , Dinner at Eight.........THE HUMAN CONDITION: Montaigne, Bacon, La Rochefoucauld, Lamb, Belloc, Emerson, Hoffer.

Born Chicago, 1943, childhood New York City, most important education ever at Brooklyn Center Academy, home in Florida since 1960; other degrees/study at MBHS/HU/UM/MIT; three decades Logic professor at Saint Thomas University, professional pianist focused on American and European 1910-1960 popular music, first and only marriage age 60 to Sandra, never driven a car, never overwrought but always over weight

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