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Golf, walking with my dogs.

I started teaching Religious Education in Secondary schools, before moving to Initial Teacher Education in 1986. I am now in the School of Law, Social Sciences and Communications, and involved in Religious Studies. I spent my teens playing sport and horse riding, and could not wait for the school day to end. Thus, when I became a teacher, and later a lecturer, I was concerned to engage learners and show them that learning can be fun and useful. This aim can be quite a challenge for aspects of religion, but developments in technology offer a range of ways to provide stimulation and engage learners. We can now record field visits in a variety of formats, as well as use technology to enhance engagement during visits. Most of the materials I've added relate to field visits. I also teach a module on the Holocaust, and completed my PhD on issues in teaching about the Holocaust. Thus, I have included resources on the Holocaust, including materials from the Jewish community in Bekescsaba, Hungary. I was awarded a National Teacher Fellowship in 2005 and am close to completing my NTF project on strategies for students to get more out of tutor feedback on their work. You will find most of this work in the Collection on Feedback.

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