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e-Learning Lecturer/Developer, Arabic Langauge Lecturer
Centre for the Advanced Study of the Arab World, University of Edinburgh

e-Learning, ICT, web 2.0, Language learning, Arabic language & cultrue

At present, I am an e-Learning Lecturer in Arabic Language studies at CASAW (Centre for the Advanced Study of the Arab World), University of Edinburgh. I am specialised in the design and development of interactive eLearning resources which support language learners and teachers within and beyond the classroom. I am constantly generating innovative and original ideas and resources to engage learners and maximise their learning experience. This is supported by and done in parallel with undertaking educational action research. My teaching career started at the University of East Anglia in Norwich where I designed and taught an Arabic Language Programme at Beginner-Intermediate level for 4 years. As a result of integrating learning technologies into classroom teaching, as well as designing a unique programme from scratch, I was honoured to receive an Award of Excellence in Teaching in 2005 for innovative course design and teaching strategies. For further details:

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