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These resources are designed for teachers of translation. They are based on the OT12 MOOC, a Massive Open Online Course on Open Translation tools and practices run by the Department of Languages at the Open University with funding from the HEA. They can be adapted to use in a face to face setting, or online as part of a blended or distance course. You can find out more about OT 12 here: Logo from:


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Latest Additions

  1. OT16 Open Translation Tool for collaborative projects
  2. OT15 Quality in Open Translation Projects
  3. OT14 Open Translation Tools
  4. OT13 European Standards in Open Translations
  5. OT12 Purpose of open content texts
  6. OT11 Evaluation of Online Dictionaries
  7. OT10 Online Bilingual Dictionaries
  8. OT9 Translating culture
  9. OT8 Subtitles/captions for accessibility
  10. OT7 Subtitling vs translating

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