Hull Fair, Fun for All DVD Collection 1: Early Days

Hull Fair, Fun for All DVD Collection 1: Early Days


Hull Fair is the greatest travelling fair in the country. The Hull Fair Project, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, has brought together memories and images from the citizens of Hull and the travelling showpeople. Between January 2004 and July 2005 over 60 interviews were conducted and more than 600 images were recorded forming a remarkable snapshot of the relationship between the city and the fair over the course of the 20th Century. The first collection contains interviews, photographs and videos from the fairs beginning and early days. This resource was created as part of the National Fairground’s project, ‘Hull Fair, fun for all’, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund in association with Hull City Council (see The resource is the copyright of the National Fairground Archive, University of Sheffield ( and has been made available with their permission. Some rights reserved (see terms of licence by clicking on the CC licence logo below).

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